Progress Reporting (Data)


Peralta Community College District Office and the Alameda County Office of Education are partnering to develop data systems for improved tracking of Career Pathways Program Outcomes, including student participation in pathways, work-based learning experiences, and completion rates.

Year One Data

A report that reflects consortium and pathway data from Year One for the K-12’s only (colleges will be reporting next year and thus included) can be found here: EBCP 2014-2015 Data Report

District Data Profiles for 2014-15 can be found here: 

West Contra Costa Unified

Albany Unified

Berkeley Unified

Emery Unified

Oakland Unified

Piedmont Unified

Alameda Unified

Castro Valley Unified

San Leandro Unified

San Lorenzo Unified

Hayward Unified

A few resources:

K-14 Pathway Definition: K-14 Pathway “Rubric”

CCPT Momentum Points for Data Reporting (K12 and Community College) 

Washoe K-16 Data Profile


See IMPROVED PLACEMENT page for Data Sharing for IP agreement template and related communications materials.